Was at work this evening until 10 pm, updating twenty-ish computers running XP service pack 2. This was a three- or four-step process: update to IE7 if not already updated (IE8 doesn’t work quite right with some software we use), update to service pack 3, install the 77 updates that were released after SP3, and then install the handful of updates that only appeared after everything else is installed. (Again, all that times twenty.)

If I ever install SP3 again it will be too soon.

On the up-side, only one computer had a fuck-ton of viruses on it. Not coincidentally, that computer also had a copy of Limewire installed.

Some idiot actually worked around the internet restrictions our real IT guy put into place (I’m the cheaper update monkey, not the Real Deal), and used that power to install frickin’ *Limewire*. On their work PC.



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