The proposal

…is an absolutely dreadful movie. Please save two hours of your life and do not watch it.

More to-the-point, though, is that I was proposed to today.

Via mail.

From Ghana.

The gal, who has absolutely horrible handwriting (the address was hand-written), is looking forward to starting her new life with me in the United States. Although she has access to a computer, laser printer, and photocopier (the letter inside was a photocopy of a printed letter), her english isn’t terribly good. To seal the deal, she included two photos of herself. (Nothing racy; get your head out of the gutter.) Not sure what her ethnicity is, exactly, but it’s pretty obvious she’s a fish out of water in Ghana. [Correction: one of the photos is risqué.]

I’m sure she would eagerly hop the next plane here, if I could just spot her some cash for the ticket or somesuch.


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  1. This post begs for images.

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