“Nothing is old but shoes and hats,” declares my daily Yotsuba&! calendar. I’m not quite sure where Kiyohiko Azuma gets his quotes from, sometimes.

Stupid post-nasal-drip cold took me out hard this last weekend. My throat’s still a bit janky, but I appear to be on the mend at this point. I took my forced down-time as an opportunity to get caught up on my RSS feeds, which was super-exciting so I’ll spare you the details.

Next up (but not tonight): upgrade the blog to Movable Type 5. Maybe I’ll even throw some new pictures into the side rotation, if I get ambitious!


One Response to Tweet: “Nothing is old but…”

  1. I recall that you once (many, many years ago) put a portrait of Richard Nixon into the sidebar rotation for a brief time. If you throw some new pictures up then it may be time for another political cameo. May I suggest Nigel Farage, Member of European Parliament for South East England? It’s easy to find photographs of him that would produce a similar “… the hell?” reaction amongst brent//BLOG readers.


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