Timecrowave: The world is moving fast these days, and the last thing I need to do is waste time waiting around for my food.

Shit&: objectively terrible ampersands. I’m not much of a font snob (though I can play one on TV), but these are really bad.

I Dream in Retro: so many references to games I haven’t really thought about in 20 years.

(so old)

Time mismanagement comes to a head

I’ve been losing my life on the internet the last couple weeks. I’ll stop at my computer to “quickly” see what’s going on in the world, and then pull myself away hours later. This has literally destroyed any/all free time I’ve had—and it’s not just ye olde blog that has suffered as a result.

Now that I’ve realized that this is going on, I can surf deliberately and minimize the time I spend checking out various websites and RSS feeds… but I have to actively work at not getting sucked in, and that’s harder than it should be.

The sad thing is that there’s really nothing that interesting out there, and it’s not like I’m walking away from these sessions with any significantly expanded base of knowledge… I’m just walking away with less of my life left to live. It’s a totally bum deal.

For what it’s worth: I tried reading again the next day, and found it much easier going. Maybe I’d driven myself to distraction, as I originally postulated—or maybe I was just suffering from a hyperactive brain that day.

Regardless, Gosick is actually pretty good: the story is interesting enough (credit to the author), and reads well (credit to the translator).

Robot Unicorn Attack: all my friends hated it, but I absolutely love this game. The soundtrack is simultaneously catchy, terrible, and awesome.

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