Happy VD

As (uh) Unicrons reminds me, today is VD & Unicrons day. When Geocities closed down, this was the one site that I felt compelled to save for posterity. You know what to do.

And for something new, I point you to Destructoid’s Dragon Quest VI launch coverage. I’m reasonably certain that Nintendo chose to launch a Dragon Quest game on VD based solely on the strength of this shirt:

(Also: VD is now referred to only as “VD.” Pass it on.)


I was chatting with my folks last night, and mentioned that Costco was stocking La Dolce Vita biscotti—a family favorite—again. The stuff comes in a giant plastic tub with a screw-on lid (it is Costco, after all), and is delightfully crunchy.

Dad immediately got up, rummaged around in the pantry, and pulled out the biscotti that they had already bought. He then told me that the secret to biscotti was giving the lid an extra eighth of a turn beyond the point where you would generally consider the lid tight.

The reason why? That makes the lid tight enough that my mom can’t open it.

Dad then put the container under his arm and stroked it, saying “It’s OK now; you’re safe.”

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