Trials of home ownership

So my backyard is pretty much shit for growing grass or plants. I blame the sixteen months of shade it experiences each year. Also: deer. I used to have a pretty little tree peony, until the deer broke it off something fierce while gorging themselves. I now have a sad-looking stick peony.

There’s only been one exception to the horrors I have witnessed: my yard grows frickin’ magnificent hostas.

Need a hosta that can stand in for Audrey II? I’ve got ya covered.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how to make my place feel a bit more “homey.” My general style tends to create spaces that are rather sterile and sparsely filled. While I definitely don’t want knick-knacks everywhere, I wouldn’t mind if I could make the place feel a bit more comfortable. (Which is not to say that I’m uncomfortable. Most of the reason my place is the way it is, is because I don’t generally notice decoration.)

My first motion in this direction was putting some throw pillows on the couch near the front door. (It’d been a bare couch for, oh, four years.) Definitely helped.

My second motion, initiated tonight, was to try and hang a calendar in my kitchen. My parents’ calendar hangs from a bare nail, and over the 20-odd years they’ve lived in their current home, that nail has made an ever-increasing vertical hole in the wall. Thanks to recent advances in technology, I figured I’d sidestep that particular issue.

(We’ll ignore, for the moment, that the temporary calendar I’m hanging is a Code Geass calendar that plays up the bromance something fierce. [The cover was *totally* misleading! I was promised females!] Gender imbalance aside, I don’t really advertise anime all over my house… quite unlike my blog.)

The first step in using a command strip is to clean the area you’re going to stick the hanger on with isopropyl alcohol. Tonight I learned that isopropyl alcohol removes the sheen from my oil-based wall paint*. I learned this in horrific fashion, after I cleaned a wide swath of wall under the theory that I’d be sure to get whatever spot I eventually stuck the hook on. The de-sheen-ification is pretty much invisible from more than four feet away—but it shows up bright as the sun when you get closer. Brilliant! The only thing missing, now, is the “fuck me” I need to clean into my wall underneath.

[*Oil-based paint is a blight on humanity, BTW. My closet and pantry shelves are painted, and the bleeping paint sticks to everything. When you remove whatever is stuck, you either leave a bit of it on the shelf, or take a bit of the shelf with it. Totally hot.]

Not sure what will receive my attention next. Odds are good, though, that whatever it is will rue that day.


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