Lion & cat pee

So Mac OS X 10.7, a/k/a Lion, dropped on Wednesday. In a sign of my growing maturity, I did not stay up until 5:00 am reading John Siracusa’s lengthy review (as I did when 10.6 came out), and I didn’t even install it on release day. (I of course installed it the next evening.)

Just a moment ago I discovered the worst—by far—feature of Lion: my friends’ shitty animated gif attachments are now actually animated in Mail. That alone might force me to downgrade.

On Tuesday night, when I should have been backing my computer up in preparation for installing Lion, I was at ballroom dance practice. After the practice the usual gang (the gang that’s in Corvallis over the summer, that is) reconvened at Sarah’s house. While Meredith made absolutely killer raspberry and chocolate ice cream, Barry and I (and occasionally Russell) entertained ourselves by singing along to the oldies that Pandora was pumping out in the living room.

At some point in the evening, the conversation drifted to one awkward guy at dance practice who also happens to post TMI on Facebook (something about frustration due to a failed attempt at sex (???; recall that I was busy singing to oldies)). The reaction to that was sufficiently negative to give me the killer idea of adding a XX days since last intercourse widget to my blog. Please check out the upper right corner of this page.

The capstone to a fantastic evening (to be clear: I’m being sarcastic about the “capstone” bit, but not the “fantastic evening” bit) came when we were getting ready to leave, and I discovered that one of my shoes was wet. Cat-peed-on-it wet. I would later discover that my backpack—which has served me faithfully since high school in the mid-’90s—was another cat pee casualty. It served me well even in its final day, as it completely protected everything inside (most notably my not-cheap dance shoes). :respect:

After hobbling home, I asked Marin if she had any idea how to deal with my compromised shoes. She searched for “cleaning cat pee off of shoes,” and found the following advice: “throw your shoes away and buy new shoes.” Hard to argue with that.

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