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Backend miscellany

Hopefully you won’t notice, but Ye Olde Blog is now dished up as HTML5. (Why? Why not!) That took changes to two whole lines of my theme.

I also finally bothered setting up WordPress’ image gallery stuff, so using an image no longer requires me to manually create a thumbnail image, SFTP the images to a folder on my server, and add in <img> tags to my posts. (Pro tip: if you go to Settings:Media and set unneeded image sizes to “0”—e.g. I don’t bother with “thumbnail” and “large” images—then WordPress won’t create four resized images for every single picture you upload.)

Finally, I installed Markdown on Save, giving me the ability to write posts using Markdown. (Believe it or not, I’ve been writing my posts in HTML—<p>s, <strong>s, and all—since I started this thing back in 2003.) The nice thing about this particular plugin is that it actually saves the HTML version of each post as the official one, so my posts won’t all suddenly be unformatted if I ever disable the plugin.

So, in short, I continue to spend more time screwing with the blog then actually posting to it. Still, these changes have removed a whole bunch of friction from my posting process.

Star Fox: Space Oddity: just don’t look at Kotaku’s posting date; I’ve been lazy about posting links for a while now.

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