2012 Winter Storm

Background: about an inch of snow fell (and stuck!) last night.

Apparently my neighborhood’s thing (remember that I live on a hill) is to sled down the middle of our street. I guess one inch of snow is sufficient for such endeavors, as people have been doing so constantly for the last hour and a half. (I’d guess the continued snow isn’t hurting.)

…and a kid just sled into a dog.

I’ve been sipping Russian Tea and watching the festivities from my office window, since while I can sleep through a yowling cat or crying baby I am still weak against thousands of children simultaneously screaming in a combination of joy (those on their feet) and terror (those sledding).

…and a kid just tried to assassinate a sledder using a bowling ball-sized snowball. He failed (didn’t lead his target).

Accelerating towards death

I’ve spent the last month not doing much more than working and sleeping, which is pretty sad considering how ineffectual I am at actually getting to work. There have been a few bright moments–Johanna’s end-of-the-semester house party, Brian visiting for New Year’s–and a whole lot of cooking and cleaning around Christmas, but mostly it’s been a monotonous blur with little energy for anything extra.

The end is drawing near, though; next week should see my code’s maiden voyage. After fixing whatever bugs exist… we’ll see if I still have a job. Not sure what the odds are, there.

I love Japan

From @Matt_Alt, via Andy.

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