Only tears can bring a dreamer back to earth: my fortune cookies keep getting weirder.

Valentine’s extravaganza

Work took a bit longer to wind down than I had expected (I guess I’m optimistic about how few bugs there will be in my–and the vendor’s–code), but it’s finally started to slow. I feel like I can breathe again, which is nice.

But this post isn’t for a personal update! This post is for VD + UNICRONS!!!

The most recent package I received from RightStuf had this entertaining little number in it (I haven’t seen the show, but even I know that you never enter into a contract with Kyubey):

Another personal favorite is this card, however poorly Photoshopped it may be. Lastly, Andy got the first strike in the day’s Valentine Wars with these classy Hark! A Vagrant cards.

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