Snow days

These days (this year) it feels like the only time I get a chance to stop and breathe is when snow or ice stops me from heading in to work. [I guess that’s better than being out of work, which is what I assumed I’d be at this point.] Yesterday and today–the second and third day of spring!–are two of those days.

I’m pretty sure it never stopped snowing yesterday, and while the temperature was above freezing, the new snow and melting snow met some sort of equilibrium where about an inch and a half of snow was maintained at all times.

There are something like three or four inches of snow on the ground as I type this, and while it’s no longer snowing, a pleasant snow-fog has appeared. No kids are playing outside this go ’round, and I haven’t gotten around to making any coffee yet, but I did just see one woman sled down my hill in her new SUV. I am newly thankful for two things: that I don’t have to go in to work this morning, and that I don’t own a house at the bottom of this hill.

Oh! Oh! First legitimate sledder just appeared on the scene… He’s sledding in the tire tracks of the SUV(!?)? He’s doing it wrong! BRB, internet!

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