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I’m pretty sure this title is going to break my blog, but it’s totally worth it.

So even though I’ve been neglecting this place like crazy (save for updating WordPress and its plugins–fun fact! Brent hates outdated software, even for stuff he doesn’t actually use), I’ve amassed a small boatload of links and whatnot I’d meant to post from time to time. It’s time to clear out that glut and start fresh.

Home video commentaries: There’s a Bear, Chorophobia, and Not Where You Saw.

Herro Y’all: for all your blog-breaking title needs.

Tron dance party

Dear Photograph: nostalgia++

George Lucas Strikes Back: if you haven’t already seen this, it’s time to right that wrong. (And I don’t even care for Star Wars all that much.)

Literally unbelievable: I can’t can believe that this is ongoing.

Famous opening lines from novels updated for the modern age: adds a touch of class to my list of links.

Postulate: anything, taken to some level of expertise, becomes interesting to watch. That said, I don’t want to know how many hours people sank into these video games to become as good at them as they are.

VVVVVV no-death mode

Super Meat Boy speed run

World’s best Tetris player

How to break my non-posting streak

Make this video. Watching it has reaffirmed that I’m still young at heart. (because it is awesome)

Catching up on sleep

After a period of insomnia long enough to have me questioning how fit I was to drive, I started taking GABA in the hopes that it might help me sleep. GABA hasn’t been found to cross the blood-brain barrier, which would seem to make it pretty worthless–but I’ve been sleeping better than I have in months.

I’ve also been dreaming more. A lot more.

Earlier this week, Nick and I went to a party somewhere in the university housing wilderness. Due to various blunders (mostly on Nick’s part, as I recall), we wound up arriving sometime after 1:00 am. Being horribly late was actually great for us, though, because it meant that most of the people who had come to meet Michael Jackson had already left. That’s right: I got to chat with the dead King of Pop. He seemed like a decent guy.

Last night I was involved in a Bollywood-inspired song and dance number on a picturesque bridge. I was dancing with some random cute gal, learning as I went, and doing much better than I could possibly do in real life. Even with this dream-boost to my abilities, though, the Supremes were handily upstaging me. Both Roberts and O’Connor were there, making it pretty obvious that this wasn’t canon.

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