Just finished five hours of dance workshops:

  • Silver-level foxtrot: started with an unfamiliar beat pattern (slow slow quick quick?) that immediately destroyed my brain. I never fully recovered.
  • Frame: my first time leading with, uh, full-body contact. My most-often used phrase: “Hrm.”
  • Partnership & floorcraft: thank heavens I still remembered a couple tango moves.
  • Smooth Ballroom Technique: I have no good pithy summary for this one, but it had some good info.
  • MotherEffing Quickstep: the dance earns its name. I now know the basic step and a pivot turn to use at corners (so I’m pretty much pro), which finishes off a long-held goal of mine–to know a bit about every dance featured in Shall We Dance.

…followed shortly thereafter by a three hour ballroom dance. There’s at least one more workshop I want to attend tomorrow–I’m just not sure my body can hold up.

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