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I live, against all odds.

I haven’t been doing too much that’s been exciting, and the exciting stuff I have done I’ve just been too lazy to write about. I’m sure you can relate (for at least some periods of your life). My most notable accomplishment in the last half a year has been continuing to exercise and moderate how much I eat–I now weigh less than I did in high school, which I define as the weight that was reported on my learner’s permit. I still have a tiny gut, so there’s more for me to do there, but all trends are pointing in the right direction.

Andy, Brian, Myles and I attended the Retro Gaming Expo back in late September. I sent Myles on a mission to find me a copy of Metroid II, to replace the copy that Brian trashed (T_T) back in the day. The first copy he found was at the last booth he checked, where they wanted $20. I balked, and we later discovered our actually-final vendor, which had it for $12. Myles haggled it down to $10 (“I’ll buy this for $10.” “Okay.”), so I pretty much owe him a beer. Andy and I also played Baby Pac-Man, where I was equally terrible at both the Pac-Man and pinball modes.

Brian and I ran a last-minute 2012 Election simulation* in late October. Look forward to watching President Romney take the oath of office on January 20th.

(* More background on our electoral simulator. This year we were much lazier in our setup, yet our results still possess a stunning negative correlation with reality. Perhaps the deepest commentary on our political system can be drawn from the characters that always best represent each candidate, regardless of the actual people running: Voldo for the Democrat, and Yoshimitsu for the Republican.)

I am currently in the depths of a Virtue’s Last Reward binge. I’m only willing to play it at night, for the purposes of mood, but staying up until 3:00 am multiple nights in a row has been taking a toll on the rest of my waking hours. The sacrifice is worth it. (Six people are confirmed dead. One is missing. I anticipate a Bad End in my future.)


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