A Christmas thought

I did not know, before today, that it was possible to be cockpunched by the center of a Costco-sized roll of wrapping paper.

It’s like Amazon can read my mind

I especially like how Amazon is so sure that I want this, it doesn’t bother offering anything else:

Set 3 Ninja Stealth Black Ninja Knives With Nylon Case

PS: the most recent thing I’ve searched for on Amazon is a pair of waffle plates.

Server migration: semi-victory?

I spent a good chunk of yesterday, and an hour or two today, moving all my stuff over to my new server digs. The blog here was the last thing to make the switch–hopefully I didn’t make too much of a mess of the RSS feed in the transition.

The only problem, now, is some bizarre server issue (one that looks to be beyond my reach) that’s preventing me from checking my email on my iPod touch. That’s surprisingly annoying; I read (past tense) the vast majority of my email on my pocket computer.

Time to celebrate with exercise! Yay!

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