Turn, turn, turn

Yet another month (okay, fine, month and a half, you in the back), yet another period where I claim not much has happened. That’s a pretty rubbish claim, this time around.

Since I last updated, Barry and Meredith became engaged (!). I write “(!)”, but I’d doubt that anyone was surprised—they just suit each other so well.

Johanna is moving back to Portland, having graduated and spent an extra term hanging out around town. Her departure marks the end of another generation of OSU students for me—one that had some pretty great people in it, and made dancing quite a bit of fun.

My ill-fated couch finally arrived, complete with arms. It’s all I could ask for in terms of feel and comfort—the cats love it—but the color’s just a bit more… orange… than I had hoped. (I wound up shooting blindly when I ordered—small fabric samples don’t give you a very good idea of how something writ large will be–and actually did pretty well, given that.) Combine that with the red accent chairs that were already there, and in certain lights the couch can look downright pumpkin. It doesn’t make my eyes bleed (much), but it’s also not good. (sigh)

…more? I’m sure there is, but these are the highlights that come to mind right now.


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