I’ve never handled pain very well: my tolerance is low, and my grumpiness per unit pain is high. A few years back I had plantar fasciitis in my right foot, and sulkily hobbled around for half a year. I might still be hobbling around today, but a co-worker eventually suggested that it might be caused by my calf being too tight and pulling on the fascia of the foot—an idea that was reinforced when I pressed on my calf and fell over in agony.

Just over two years ago I decided to pick some socks up off the floor using the styling of a tango lunge, and something went in my left knee. I’ve had variable (albeit present much more frequently than not) knee pain ever since. I did go to the doctor last year about that one, but my X-ray and MRI were both clean, and the pain was slowly subsiding. Then a guy did a samba back-step onto my knee (!!!) when I was changing my shoes one evening at dance practice.

That pretty much broke my spirit along with my knee.

But! Marin bought me a book on recovering from knee injuries, which caused me to reflect on what the orthopedist had mentioned (seemingly in passing) about my hamstrings being tight. According Marin’s book, darn near everything in the leg can influence the knee—so I figured I’d start stretching my hamstrings seriously.

It’s been two weeks, now. My knee still hurts too easily when I do normal activities (i.e. lifting any moderate weight), but the pain is now gone by the following day. My knee’s default state seems to be pain-free, which gives me hope that it’s finally getting the chance to heal.

All this pain (admittedly a small amount spread out over a long period of time), seemingly because of some tight muscles. Amazing.


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  1. Barry says:

    Glad to hear that you are doing better. But wtf that’s a high samba step? Or maybe you were sitting down on the floor. Anyways, eff that guy.


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