The programmer’s condition

I sat down yesterday evening to implement a simple feature in the Rails app I’ve been sporadically working on—a simple feature that quickly spiraled into a giant morass of head-desks and cussing at the stupidity of my previous work. (I know that being disgusted with your past work is a sign that you’re growing and improving, but I’m not convinced that’s supposed to happen quite so suddenly.)

By the end of the evening I was definitely suffering the programmer’s condition, as described by Noah Pepper:

“I want to travel back in time and murder myself”


At least one “friend” has griped that I haven’t been liveblogging the royal baby birth. The truth of the matter is that I’m trying out a valium-variant drug (!) to moderate my hand tremors (“essential tremor,” which means it’s annoying but not a symptom of anything else), and I cannot drink alcohol while on this stuff. Without alcohol, there is simply no way for me to survive the inanity of that event and its coverage.


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