I am once again snowed in. We got somewhere between 8 and 12 inches yesterday, depending on who you ask, and the current National Weather Service warning says we can expect another 3 to 7 inches today, followed by up to a half-inch of freezing rain. Bets on whether or not I lose power? (I’m totally going to lose power.)

Unlike in December, everybody seems to be much more relaxed this time—staying home, taking it easy. Barely anyone is driving, and places like campus and my office aren’t even bothering to try and open. The snow is, once again, very dry; would-be sledders down my hill take a couple low-speed runs, and then get bored.

It really doesn’t snow often in the valley, so this sort of pause remains novel for me. The world outside is bitterly cold, and almost completely still. I’m pretty well mentally frayed at the moment, and the cold and silence, the numbness and tranquility, that I need are just on the other side of a door.

Like, literally.


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