Items of utmost import

First up: the moe domain name is coming, thereby proving that TLDs now cover everything under the sun. There is only one moe domain that I would ever buy, and I have absolutely no idea what I’d do with it. (No, I’m not going to let you poach it!)

In mid-valley news, Sir Mix-a-Lot is coming to Albany this June. This is quite possibly the biggest thing to happen in the valley since I passed on the opportunity to assassinate Carrot Top in 2003.

A new first

…My first time being on campus when a bomb threat is called in.

I’ve been taking a West Coast Swing styling class (still miles to go before I break out of the decade-long rut I’ve been in with that dance, but I’m at least trying to do so now) on Thursday evenings, and everybody in the class was wondering WTF the incessant siren blaring in the distance was about. Someone checked their email and got the campus alert about an hour after it was sent.

Nothing’s gone boom yet, to the best of my knowledge.

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