This is a new one

I preordered Drakengard 3 too early to get the preorder bonus.

“[P]layers who place their pre-order from today [February 6th] through March 3 will receive a special Japanese voiceover DLC…”


Nitty gritty details

I’ve spent the last three hours studying and trying to replicate Mac OS X’s Finder selection behavior. Following the instructions in the archived copy of the link inside that post gives me proper mouse-selection behavior (!)… now I just need to figure out WTF is going on when I use shift and the arrow keys. :cry:

The amount of thought put into that most basic behavior (even if it sometimes produces strange results) is pretty staggering, actually—and nobody notices.

Yet another first

Tonight was my first time competing in a west coast swing Jack and Jill. Holy balls were there a ton of amazing leads and follows competing.

I, of course, did not make it into the finals. Two of the three follows I danced with, however, did. That’s about as successful a performance as I could have hoped for, as the only reason I entered was because Delanie recruited me to even the number of leads and follows.

(Unrelated, or so I claim: my hand tremor drug–which some use off-label to help prevent stage fright–appears to have just worn off, and my hands are shaking about as bad as they ever have.)

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