Where do you go (my lovely)

It’s late enough and I’m tired enough that I think a not-timely song reference makes for a good title, so hold on to your butts.

Where do I go, when I neglect this blog for weeks months at a time? I can’t account for my time as well as I ought to be able to, so expect some gaping holes.

I’ve been taking two dance classes—ballroom and west coast swing technique—for the last four terms or so, which takes a good chunk out of my Tuesday and Thursday evenings. After eight or nine years of trying to not forget absolutely everything I know about ballroom dance, it’s been wonderful to actually have some instruction again—to feel like I’m actually making progress, rather than trying to minimize how much progress I lose.

Wednesday night is the traditional night of ballroom dance practice. I get grumpy if I don’t attend.

Starting with the new year (though it wasn’t a resolution or anything</tsun>) I began trying to exercise in earnest again. That’s an hour on most nights when I’m not dancing, and pretty much the only time I watch anime these days. (Sidenote: Though I’ve only seen five-ish episodes, Aldnoah.Zero is seriously good. The last show I enjoyed as much was Chihayafuru.)

I’ve been listening to a mess of podcasts, to the detriment of actually doing things. (I now make a conscious effort to listen only when doing menial tasks…) My favorites of the moment are the Bombcast, Accidental Tech Podcast, 8-4 Play, and IRL Talk. I’m shedding a silent tear that IRL Talk is ending, as Jason and Faith’s banter always brought a smile to my face… I’ll especially miss Jason’s terrible ideas on how to troll people and create awkward situations, even though (fear not, Faith!) I’d never actually enact any of them.

My job has been a constant source of above-average stress for the last couple years, which has extended far beyond the hours I actually put in. Previously that stress was due to performance issues (of the office as a whole, not of me personally); currently it’s from the company being acquired (!). I meet my probably-new boss, who lives in a different state, on Monday. They claim they intend to keep my office open, but I’m deeply suspicious and/or untrusting.

I’ve also had two larger—or, at least, productive—coding projects that I’ve worked on, but I’ll save those for another post at a more reasonable hour. Fear not: I still have more to say about grand jury duty, too.


3 Responses to Where do you go (my lovely)

  1. GreyDuck says:

    So, Aldnoah Zero. It is very good in some ways, but wow, the season-break cliffhanger was full of misery.

    The show I’m totally digging? Akatsuki no Yona. Like, take the Fushigi Yugi vaguely-Chinese setting man-harem setup, remove the girl-out-of-time, give it modern styling and sensibilities plus a seriously good plot hook, and there you have it.

    At any rate: Stay busy, man!

  2. Brent says:

    Yeah, things have been going too well in Aldnoah Zero so far (now through episode 7); you can tell that things are going to go south at some point.

    Hot damn, there’s something modern that’s even remotely like Fushigi Yugi?! I’m going to have to check that out post-haste. (It’s been waaay too long for me to remember well, but I recall being a fan of Nuriko and Chichiri BITD…)

  3. Brent says:

    Ho-lee [expletive]-ing [expletive] did Aldnoah Zero get depressing at its mid-season break. You weren’t kidding one bit, Greyduck.


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