The Cure for Fear: I found this article fascinating… and then was shocked when the drug they were talking about is the one I take to reduce my essential tremor while dancing.

(I initially wondered if that was blunting any emotional memories I had of dance events, but then I screwed up in a super-low-key WCS Jack & Jill competition and was kicking myself for days afterwards… I’m guessing I’m OK.)

Magnets and Marbles: I could watch videos like this all day.

Aphantasia: How It Feels To Be Blind In Your Mind: I’m sure there’s a spectrum for this, but I’m also sure I’m way over on the “can’t imagine a darn thing” side of it.

On the upside, that means I’m generally able to consider absolutely horrible scenarios without getting too worked up about them. (That is an upside… right?)

Boaty McBoatface: a compelling argument against allowing the public to name things. (I prefer “Boaty McBoatpants,” personally.)

Roadtripping man annoys his sister with seven hours of lip syncing: Kottke’s description is perfect: “an epic display of top-notch lip syncing and world-class shade throwing.”

Project: Throw the Lance of Longinus at the Moon: great plan, or greatest plan?

Paloma Faith’s “Just Be”: My new (waltz) jam.

Portland federal grand juror charged with breaking code of silence: this is exactly why there will not be any saucy details about my time on the grand jury. Sheesh.

CommercialCuts: Some of these are just dumb, but the Subaru, Cheerios, and Vodafone ads had me sniggering. Yes, I am twelve.

This thumbdrive hacks computers: Holy Fuck.

Or, if you prefer more words (quoting ElectricBlue in the article’s comments): This is a terrible security flaw but it’s also kinda awesome from the perspective of a “cyberpunk dystopia is now” point of view.

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