Winter Illuminations: /me wants to visit.

Best Word Ever: I’m still partial to kerfuffle.

The Vision of Sin: my opinion of Charles Babbage just rose a bit.

Using a plastic bottle to separate eggs: I have learned something new today.

The Reliant Robin: My new favorite car.

17-20-23: Since I’m on the subject of videos shot over multiple years.

A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self: a four minute video twenty years in the making.

Jian Sword Dancing: I can’t say that this put the biggest grin ever on my face… but it was a pretty big grin.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses: the site’s closed down between when I found it and now, but the content is still hilarious.

Matsue Shrine: I’m pretty sure I walked through this very shrine, and did not make use of its powers. Dammit!

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