What the hell happened to WordPress in the last seven years? This backend looks way different than it did in 2016.

[pauses and looks around] What the hell happened… everywhere?

Why the hell do I keep paying for this site if I don’t use it to live-blog the most critical events of our lives?

Just finished importing everything I wanted from the UK’s new fire sale.

I thought the days where I’d get to attend the weddings of dance friends were long past, but time has proven me wrong yet again.

And while I’m confessing to how green I am at basic computing tasks, I had the misfortune of needing to use vi recently. I know that Barry and Sarah swore by it, years ago, but the best I can do is swear *at* it.

I just spent four hours on what can only be described as Baby’s First Bash Script. It still doesn’t do everything I want it to do.

I’m unreasonably sad that my Yotsuba daily calendar has run out, and there is no new one for 2016–2017. (The strange cutoff date is because the calendar covers the Japanese school year, which runs from April to March.) I’ve had one of those on my desk for the last ten years (!), and now… nothing.

That feeling when you’re arguing with the CSR that you are only owed an $8 credit, not the $10 they’re mistakenly offering you.

Thinking back on it, in 2005 I didn’t know anything about unix servers or Ruby on Rails. I could barely get PostgreSQL running to support my work program, and writing SQL was a slow and painful process. Back then I still looked at the command line with skepticism (my Mac roots run deep).

Now I’m comfortable with all that junk… while not especially impressive, it’s still nice to look back and see *some* sort of growth.

I have the soundtrack for tomorrow’s “probable new boss” meeting on my iPod… now all I need to do is somehow get up in the morning.

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