Good news! This thing still works!

I know I’m getting old when I am well-aware that the Yosemite public beta is now out, but have absolutely no interest in testing it out. In my younger days I would have been all over this sort of thing. (And I was, once—improbably—when Avery and Josh gave me a copy of Mac OS 8’s beta release.)

Getting a fat refund check from the federal government would be a lot more fun if it didn’t happen just before I pay a giant wad of cash for home insurance.


Jiminy Christmas do I wish that the managers at my work had more business sense than a guy with To Heart 2 wallpaper on his computer.

I’ve been shying away from posting stuff about work because of propriety and the fact that rage would consume me (and this blog) whole, but Holy Crap the tales I could tell.

And, yes, I did lose power. For twenty four frickin’ hours.

Holy balls did it get cold inside.

Ghost Trick (iOS) is 99 cents right now (free download, $0.99 in-app-purchase to unlock all chapters). That’s a steal for a fun, fun game!

The day I have to sign for a package in my pajamas is also the day I discover that the postal worker covering my area is a cute gal.

Good to know that some things never change.

I know I’m a month behind the internet, but Ylivis’ The Fox is hilarious. (Stonehenge is also pretty great.)

As if things couldn’t get any worse, now there are rumors that Sega is buying Atlus?

I’m still waiting for Valkyria Chronicles 3—I don’t think my heart could take it if I have to wait (er, “wait”) for Persona 5, too!

The construction workers next door are listening to something that sounds like (?) Greek polka. (…and now one is singing along.) WTF

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