[Outside] At This Difficult Time

[Inside] Thinking of you with care and concern / So sorry for your loss birthday

I’m irrationally pleased with my revised keyboard search setup: command-space allows me to find and launch applications with Alfred, option-space searches my Pinboard bookmarks with Shiori, and control-space opens Spotlight. These just feel… right.

Left the pantry door open while watching TV. Just discovered that the black cat broke into her fifteen pound food bag. When she looks at me now, all I can envision her smug, self-satisfied face saying is “loooooool u g0t hax0r3d.”

Responsive web design pro tip: add transition CSS to your media queries, and suddenly your web page looks a lot prettier when it switches between size cutoffs. (Try resizing this page now!)

Dude friggin’ sambaed* on my bum knee this evening. I was changing into my dance shoes; he was screwing around on the sidelines. I Am Not Happy.

(*Past-tense of “samba,” if you’re like me and looking at that makes your head hurt)

TIL my friends care about clothing a whole hell of a lot more than I do. (I barely remember what clothes I’m wearing at any given moment–I can’t be arsed to spend any significant time or money buying them.) Strange how priorities can differ so much.

Dance this evening featured two brand-new-to-OSU older couples that both knew their stuff and danced the entire evening. They completely shamed the the rest of us.

Dance also featured Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro,” which you may recall contains the lyric “he’s got both hands in his pockets.” One couple was on the ball enough to be samba-ing with their hands in their pockets at that particular moment (a decidedly non-standard situation), which put the biggest grin on my face. No matter how many years I watch these students dance, they always manage to find some new way to liven things up.

VPS update: I somehow installed a copy of Nginx that dishes pages slower than Apache. I didn’t know that was possible.

They played a punk-rock cover of Call Me Maybe during the West Coast Swing hour at dance practice tonight. It was the peanut butter and chocolate of my terrible taste in music.

Only tears can bring a dreamer back to earth: my fortune cookies keep getting weirder.

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