Dumpster diving

Amanda (of the Beanery) somehow suggested, this evening, that Brian and I might be dumpster divers. She did not expect that we would take her idea and run with it: going on at length about the dumpster class system (most notable around the McDonald’s-level dumpsters, whose divers are markedly territorial), how you’d want to choose a somewhat upscale dumpster to dive—but not the most expensive, as that’s almost certainly been completely picked through before you’ve gotten there—and how a personal favorite of mine is the Circle Albertson’s. (This segued nicely into a brief telling of how Lee, Jeremy, John and I interrupted a drug deal behind Albertson’s many years ago… further confusing the truth and our lies.)

We added enough detail, and talked about it long enough, that Amanda started to get confused about whether or not we were joking. Being the consummate pros that we are, we never gave her the reassurance of us busting up laughing.


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