Lazy Sunday

After getting out of bed at a more reasonable hour (note that I said “more reasonable,” not “reasonable”) and exercising (!), I took some time to level my characters up in Final Fantasy 8.

I can’t tell you the last time I was able to level characters up in a role playing game. [Well, logically it had to be when I played Chrono Cross…which was a year and a half ago.] I haven’t had the luxury of doing absolutely inane things in quite a while, and it felt quite nice. I also took a nap and generally lounged around all day. Marin and I made it to the half-way mark in Magical Project S; sadly, the most entertaining part so far was the “Pretty Sammy Omake Theater” (“omake” is something akin to an extra/bonus item), which consisted of a set of three mini-skits. The third skit was a hilarious reference to Batman, made funny mostly because Sammy didn’t have a clue what was going on the entire time. It started out as a somewhat traditional extra of “let’s look at Sasami’s house,” but then Ryo-Ohki, Sammy’s magical talking animal/sidekick, continued to go beyond the parts of the house that Sammy knew about. (“Basement? I didn’t think we had…”)

Oooooh yeah. Just over ten hours before we see what Steve Jobs has up his sleeves for the WWDC. I can’t wait.


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