Blitzball Sucks

Sure, it may be the only form of entertainment that the Sin-ravaged people have…but I’m no good at it. I have no idea how Tidus (my main character in FFX) can be a big blitzball hero back in his own time, yet suck so bad when he’s under my control.

No, it’s not just me. Others have said it’s a difficult match, too.

Marin and I watched the first disc of Hana Yori Dango (er…Boys Over Flowers) last night. It definitely looked old, and many of the backgrounds were actually watercolor—unusual to find that in anime—but the story seemed quite interesting. I’d take this type of show (characters, plot) over King of Bandit Jing (nice animation) any day of the week.

Earlier yesterday I discovered that I had been blocked from my computer by both Mom and Marin, so I sat down and played some two hours of Final Fantasy X. My character met Yuna and got hit on by her. It was hot. Marin tells me that Yuna gets sexed-up in X-2. That’s also hot. But you don’t have to trust me about matters of hotness—just read the title of this article. Hahahahaha. Hot. [Note: the site worked for me, for the first couple links, and then started asking for registration info. It started asking Brian for info right from the start. Anyway, the point of the link was the title of the article: News: Final Fantasy X-2 screens, blurb, Yuna looking hot.]

The game once again affected me (no, the “hot” thing above was entirely my own whimsy), but didn’t make me nauseated—it felt as though my cognitive faculties had been distanced from the rest of my head; as if there was a fog keeping me from being as sharp (or not-sharp, depending on the day) as I would otherwise be. Weird, and it always clears up after I sleep.

Today I played even more FFX, including that damned blitzball match…but didn’t suffer that “fog” that I experienced yesterday. Weird; perhaps my brain is adjusting somehow—or else it’s just been permanently damaged.

I can’t believe that I have exactly one week until school starts. In many ways, it will be nice to see faces my age again…though I suspect the double-whammy of increased traffic and homework are too expensive a price to pay for that perk.

In other news, my parents got an email from a cousin of mine who is thinking of applying for a position in the finance department of OSU’s college of business. I’m not getting out of there soon enough if that actually happens… That cousin still owes me for my Rubik’s Rings puzzle he broke. He’s also the one who started shuffling the Clue “who did what where” solution cards around when he lost early in the game, many many moons ago; one of my prouder moments in life was actually winning the game anyway. I probably used up all my luck in life in that one guess.


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