Me Sick

Got one step closer to being able to burn DVDs at work today. Took six hours to get that one step. Yay me. Probably going to have to visit work periodically throughout the weekend to actually get this thing finished, and then repeat the process every weekend until I get all of 2002 on DVD.

Why do I even try?

And I’m definitely, definitely sick. Just smelling food makes me queasy, and ingesting anything but the most plain of foods gets me to the edge of tossing cookies. I don’t think this last week of summer really went according to plan—can I hit reset and try again?

This evening I worked on my //anime page layouts much as a blacksmith would temper a sword, and I’m happy to say that they’re pretty much finished. Now I just need to write some actual content…though I suspect that school might try to get in my way. I celebrated my multiple victories against Windows Internet Explorer by trying to play some more Final Fantasy X. Not surprisingly (recall that pretty much anything makes me queasy right now), I started feeling nauseated.

And now my internet has gone completely out. The timestamp on this update is correct, but I guess I’ll have to post it next time Comcast deems me worthy of access to the outside world.


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