I am teh winnar

So Pepsi finally delivered for me today, and I have one free song waiting for me at the iTunes Music Store. (^_^)V

I arrived at probability (after having a delightful chat with Renee and Bryan in the Commons) to discover that my professor gave me 10/10 for my first homework assignment. He’s being far too kind to me, I think; not only did I turn my work in late, I left two problems unfinished. I don’t think anybody in the class solved one of them, so I can let that slide… but the other is puzzling—I’m just not used to a professor being that forgiving. I really need to study his comments (he actually finished my proofs off, for me!), and get as much out of them as possible.

I’m quickly becoming a fan of his, despite some serious doubts I had formed last term—and that’s not just because he forgave me my first (serious) screw-up. He really does care about his students. That says something, since I’d honestly say that the majority of my professors care for their students.

Plowed through work, and then gave Eileen another call this evening. Looks like we’ll have to go bowling sometime. Also looks like I should prepare to be soundly beaten.

Probably a good thing I don’t mind losing. Except in that Pepsi/iTunes promotion.


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