If today handed me toast, at least there was some jam to accompany it.

So, yes, I’m still alive. We’ll have to see, but it seems like I did OK in both exams—quite remarkable, since I didn’t study too much and could tell that I only needed one false step to trigger another bout of nausea.

When I pulled my cramped hand off of my pencil at the end of my strategic management midterm, the sun was shining and it was actually warm out. I then went to work, where I was quickly asked Eric’s birthday. Unwittingly, I let the cat out of the bag.

Had I been thinking a bit more, I would have realized that people were probably asking me because Eric himself wouldn’t tell. Next time, I later thought, the appropriate answer was “July 4th.” Yes, Eric was born on the Fourth of July.


Now the only thing between me and my weekend is one probability homework problem. Since NyQuil worked so well on the first three, I think I’ll pop another gelcap and see what I can make of the last one. If nothing else, I should sleep well. Ha.

Perhaps something exciting will happen soon. I’d hope for that, but right now I’m too busy hoping for my health. Stupid sickness.


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