The penultimate day

Today I learned that, even though working on homework in a group is potentially advantageous, studying in a group is not. I sadly squandered four precious hours that way—though I did get to eat Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, had some fun, and saw an inordinate number of people I knew, because of it. And boy did I see an inordinate number of people: Emory (probably mangling the spelling of her name) from a past dance class in 7-Eleven, Sara Y. and Andrea in the Commons, Adelle and Kristi in the MU proper… and I’m sure I’m forgetting some others. It was quite the showing, compared to my normal day.

After talking to my probability professor, I now am confident about 5/6 of my probability exam and have a hint on the sixth. Unfortunately, the one thing I learned during my study session was that I needed to study… so I’m going to (quickly) write-up the probability problems I have solved, and then switch gears the rest of the evening and get up to speed for my exam tomorrow morning. Then, after that exam, I’ll knock heads with my last probability problem and see if I can get anywhere on it.

This plan sounds good, except for the fact that I’m already dog-tired today, and will probably be similarly worn out after my exam tomorrow. In the absence of any better plan, though, I guess I’ll just grit my teeth and run.

After all, it’s just one more day, now.


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