Unplanned weekend

Late Saturday afternoon Renee called to get me to play tennis again. This time Adam’s cousin, Brian, joined us—so we had a fair doubles game, as opposed to our traditional two-on-one match. I still wasn’t all that hot, but my serve wasn’t quite as bad. My game improves, slowly but surely.

Once we got tired of playing our modified game of tennis (we don’t much care if the ball bounces more than once), we switched over to a game called Butts. (Think a tennis version of “Horse.”) The kicker is that the first person to lose has to go to mid-court and bend over, while all the others get one ball to try and hit that person. It’s a game that’s much more fun when you don’t lose.

Pretty much immediately after returning to an unexpectedly-empty home, I received a phone call from Andy; there was some poker event in town on Sunday, and he felt like driving down that evening. So I got to call Nate and Eric, and we had an impromptu gathering. Pretty darn quiet affair, actually, though I always enjoy chatting with my friends.

This morning Andy and I wandered around campus—he roller blading, me walking and reading the latest Barometer*. We’re in the middle of a streak of wonderful weather, and it felt quite nice to wander around in the sun.

[*Per the Barometer, who cited a no-name organization using non-scientific methods, OSU is the fifth-most-friendly campus in the nation. This result is highly suspect, though, as OSU reportedly ranked a C- for parking. There’s no way that it would rate that high, unless those surveyed were taking Neil’s proverbial hudge pile of drugs**.]

[**Let this be a lesson to all: don’t type drunk.]

Then, this evening, we had my grandma over and barbecued steaks. Tasty! All in all, a rather eventful weekend considering I had nothing planned as of Saturday morning.

In other news, I’m unusually heartened to hear that Keroro Gunsou (“Sgt. Frog”) has begun airing in Japan (you’ll have to scroll down to April 3rd, for that second link). I have no idea why I’ve become such a fan of this manga/anime, but the entire ludicrous premise has grown on me something fierce.


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