Weekend Update

My computer is now up and running again, with (I hope) all my files back on it. A few straggling preferences probably remain to be addressed, but I can deal with ’em as I run into ’em.

Held the second weekly Movie Night event on Friday evening, which is a start for making it some sort of tradition. We were already suffering from similar selection to the previous week, though, which implies that a downward spiral in the quality of our movie selection is eminent. Indeed, this may be the case: we watched League of Extraordinary Gentlemen this time around, and it definitely wasn’t as good as Master and Commander. I’ll enjoy a movie if I think it is really good, or hilariously horrible, but I’ve become more harsh of movies falling in the middle ground. That said, I wasn’t impressed with LXG. Nate mentioned that it varied from the graphic novel quite a bit (apparently Sean Connery should have been in opium withdrawal, and the movie added a character—with major relevance to the plot—that wasn’t in the novel). The deleted scenes were entertaining, though: Captain Nemo in the front seat of a car, looking over his shoulder at his squabbling comrades, was a priceless moment—as was (in a different scene) Connery intoning “the boy has become a man.” [Think about that for a moment—it’s actually pretty funny, if you imagine it right.]

Retook the second actuarial exam on Saturday. My score, as fate would have it, was identical to my retake of the first exam: 34/40. I’m nothing if not consistent.

Woke up this morning to Dad making noise in front of the TV. Apparently Fox News reported that, before we invaded Iraq, British intelligence intercepted a call between North Korea and Lybia. In this call there was concern expressed that, if the US invaded Iraq, it would find documentation about Lybia’s use of Iraqi nuclear scientists in Lybia’s creation of nuclear weapons.

Then we invade Iraq, and—out of the blue—Lybia announces that it’s giving up its nuclear weapons program. Hmm.

Odd thing is that we haven’t heard word one about this after that first report. Either it’s false (though, usually, news shows repeat false information a few times before being corrected), or it’s been deliberately pulled. I dunno, but—if true—it’s definitely interesting.

Had a Coldstone Creamery strawberry cake for Mother’s Day, which was quite tasty, and then this evening we watched The Last Samurai. It joins Lost in Translation as a movie I’ll definitely be picking up in the future. (No need to spend lots of money for it now, when I won’t watch it again for a while anyway—right?)


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