Little of note here in this neck of the world. Malaise continues to plague me, which has become so common that y’all should just assume that it does until I mention otherwise. (Aw, bump it. Brian just pointed out this timely qwantz comic that summarizes this post.)

Excitement in the world: the Republican convention (Giuliani’s speech was pretty nifty, I thought), and an impending Apple Expo Paris where new G5-based iMacs will most likely be introduced. Such thrills!

For random entertainment, in the same vein as the infamous Star Wars Kid, check out this video (link found on the Ars Technica forums). Why do these people videotape themselves?

I mean, it’s not like I have a tape of myself trying to do cartwheels as a youngster. Where Marin does cartwheels perfectly, and I get halfway over and then flop on my side with a resounding thud. Repeatedly. To the point where the camera starts shaking horribly, because my dad’s laughing so hard.

And even if that tape exists, there’s no way I’d let it get out on the internet. (Here’s where I would link that video, if I had a way to import a certain tape into my computer.)


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