Between work, dance classes, forgetting Brian’s birthday [ (X_X);; ], and just in general time-slipping, I’ve somehow gotten from the end of Saturday to the end of Tuesday.

All I know right now is that I’m quite tired, and my body aches something fierce. I am happy to say that I’m still alive, however—at least until Brian catches up with me.

A humorous anecdote to compensate for the time you spent loading this page: one afternoon a few days back, Marin was walking Yoshi. At some point they passed an old man bundled up in a raincoat. Marin said hi; the old man said keep that wild beast away from me!

I assume he was referring to Yoshi, which is just crazy-talk; my dog’s one of the most gentle creatures I know. But still—”keep that wild beast away from me!” might have hilarious applications in entirely inappropriate situations.


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