Dancing foibles

It seems I lose what little balance I have when I don’t get enough sleep. It also seems that lindy hop involves lots of kicking, and it seems that kicking involves only having one foot on the ground. As they say in Spanish: ¡Uf!

Additionally: six hours of sleep (I didn’t get more because I’m incredibly dumb) isn’t enough for my body to repair itself. My legs are absolutely killing me, and there’s really no reason why I should be so bad off. In lindy hop we basically practiced a whole bunch of twirling moves, which should (and did) reveal my susceptibility to dizziness much more than destroy my legs.

For all the dance-related screw-ups and lack of sleep and whatnot, today was actually a pretty good day. I learned that I might not have shot myself in the foot by speaking up at last week’s work meeting, and Connor actually bothered to show up at our west coast class tonight—so I got to chat with him and others after class for a good while.

Chatting is fun, and I don’t actually do it all that often now that I don’t hang around OSU all the time. It was through chatting with Johnny that I learned this is Marco’s last term at OSU; his departure is going to be a huge blow to the dance community. I first met Marco in my basic ballroom classes, where he was progressing through as a follow while I was learning how to lead (dancers sometimes learn the opposite role from their traditional one, as one way to improve their skill; you can lead/follow better if you also know how to follow/lead). I then pretty much saw him in every other class I took, where he was helping the instructor teach the class.

I’ll miss watching him dance, most of all. Sometimes he’d notice me (or others; I’m not the only one who’s impressed with how well he dances) watching him, and he’d pull out some really fancy trick for his audience. Not to show off, really; more to entertain. Amazing guy, and quite friendly.

[checks clock] I should really work on this whole “sleep” thing.


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