My long-standing nightmare (which began way back in September) is finally over. Last night was the first night in half a year that I slept soundly.

The issue of my not getting enough sleep last night will be rectified shortly. I’m incredibly thankful that all I lost, in the end, was this six-month period—and I didn’t really lose all of that, because I did get to dance quite a bit. I’m a better dancer, and am in better (though by no means good) shape than I’ve been in ages.

So, two links to pass your time while I catch some shut-eye: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre (link found by Marin, I think on the AOD forums), and Baby Got Bible (found on What Do I Know). Impressive!

Now that this crisis has passed, it looks like I’ll have to actually start making progress on those actuarial exams again. I’m no longer stuck in traction…weird.


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