I am the worst blogger ever

So, paradoxically, it seems that I have the least time to write about things when I have the most things to write about. This entry might seem like a chance for me to talk about such things, but one would be mistaken if one were to believe this. Instead, I present a simple list of these topics—although, interestingly enough, I do attain my goal of talking about some things simply by listing them.

Things I hope to one day get around to talking about, but most likely never will:

Work and databases continuing to consume my life. How much I hate bugs and other glitches. Crunch time (not that I haven’t already been crunching, mind you) nearing.

Eating dinner at the Afghani restaurant in San Francisco with Craig, Brian, and Amy (!).

Tom and Jessica’s Beanery-related disaster.

Dance practice last week (yay!) being fun, but next to dead.

Wil Shipley’s presentation slides (downloadable from that blog post) from his WWDC conference talk. He gives an interesting perspective on developing for the Mac, and is kind of inspiring as well (first seen on the ArsTechnica forums).

Lumines is like crack. (No, I don’t actually have any experience with crack.) You can play it in your head even after you’ve put the game away; the first time you envision blocks falling down, superimposed over whatever you’re actually seeing, is somewhat odd. After that initial transition phase, though, you can entertain yourself for hours.

Metal Gear Acid is hard. I have yet to sneak past the first guard… which, if I think about it, is quite similar to my starts in the other games.

I no longer know how to salsa. I discovered this at tonight’s dance practice, while trying to salsa. Ouch.

Otherwise, tonight’s dance practice kicked ass. Had fun chatting with Jenny (who still calls me her genius, after a dream she had while we were in a west coast class together) and Jon, and was invited to a triple-birthday party (three birthdays in a row!) in mid-July.

Amy (the setting is still dance practice this evening) still has difficulty with my name, after one time when she (apparently) asked me for my name, and I thought she was asking for Jon’s name. Tonight she accused me of changing my name constantly. Accordingly, my name is now Paco. I’ll get around to changing all my site references to “paco//BLOG,” someday.

I see my list stopped being a list at some point there. Hrm.


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