I gots me some new digits

I barely ventured out on Black Friday. If the stores discounted their wares heavily, as was rumored they would do, they certainly didn’t discount the things that would have caught my fancy. (I’m not actually sure what things would catch my fancy, but rest assured it wasn’t what was on sale.)

I did make one purchase over the weekend, though:

About once a year over the last couple years, when I think about it, I poke around the various wireless carriers to see if they have any plans that would make any sense for me. Until this year, the answer was always heck no.

Those who have seen Evangelion will remember that there was an episode entitled “The Phone That Never Rings.” That’s my phone. Paying the monthly fees that cell phones ask for is so far out of the question that it’s laughable (though might be justified if I were living on my own, and could cut off my land line); the alternative were pay-as-you-go options, which were equally laughable. (Pay for minutes and then have them disappear if they aren’t used in the next month? Huh? Lose your account—and thereby your number—if you don’t keep your phone loaded with these short-lived minutes? Wha?)

This year, for the first time ever, I found a reasonable pay-as-you-go option that meet my needs. After up-front costs, I’m paying ten cents a minute, and must buy a minimum of $10 of minutes a year to keep my phone going. I’m willing to pay that price for the convenience of a cell phone.

So, woot. I gots me some new digits.


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