My poor, neglected blog

Time has been in short supply for the last while. Also I’ve been feeling lazy.

Things aren’t going to get better for the next couple days, though, because I’m headed off to Sun River over the weekend to celebrate Andy’s birthday. I don’t anticipate having internet access, and even if I do have internet access, I’m not planning on bringing my computer. I will take my camera, however; we’ll see if anything comes of that.

I’ll be riding with Brian and Nate, who will suffer from my being in the depths of another Phoenix Wright binge. (The newly released Justice for All, of course. I actually paid retail for it, which is something I never do.) I anticipate at least one cooperative attempt to solve a case during the car ride over… should be interesting, if not exactly efficient.

Right now, though, I have four hours to run errands, stop by work briefly, and pack. Eep.


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