The Haps of June

My spider-sense is tingling, telling me that I have precious minutes before I let another month go by without a blog post. That would be criminal!

My mindspace (lol) has recently been filled to the brim with thoughts about a website I’ve been drafted to create for my work. Over the last week I finally got something that won’t totally embarrass me (or the company). The site renders nicely in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and IE7 and 8.

Guess whose boss is still running IE6?

I spent five hours today getting the darn thing to look right in that stupid browser. I actually had to uninstall XP Service Pack 3 and IE7 from my laptop so that I had a copy of IE6 to test against (and I’m not even including that time in my “five hours” quote).

Tonight Sissi brought a video camera to dance practice, because she wanted to record her west coast swing for later critique. The only flaw in her plan was that she had to entrust her camera to us, her “friends,” in order to do that.

Thus we recorded Daniel and Chris (male) dancing a Nightclub Two Step, while Jon, Janis and I provided color commentary in the nature of Winter Olympics ice skating. We also recorded some test footage from a show I quickly whipped up called The Ballroom. The idea is pretty simple: cross The Office with the OSU dance community. It would totally work, too.

Janis dragged Daniel onto the floor for a hustle, right after he and Britta finished dancing polka to a meringue (polka is usually fast, but this approached ludicrous speed). Not surprisingly, Daniel found himself out of energy halfway through the song. I took the opportunity to relieve him (though I sadly missed the perfect opportunity to use a classic Back to the Future line: “Scram McFly, I’m cutting in!”), and Janis and I found ourselves spending the last minute or two of the song chasing Jon and Sissi around the floor with a grapevine step (you know the move, even if you’ve never seen the dance). That got some laughs from the peanut gallery. Aside: it turns out that when you grapevine for unusually long periods of time, you start getting pretty sloppy about it.

Earlier in the month I went to Janis’ vet school graduation party. It was a comparatively huge affair, where the entire class invited family and friends to drink and eat a roasted pig. The most salient part of the locale was a barbeque large enough to double as a coffin (and did so, in a way, for the pig). Seriously: that coffin barbeque was Serious Business big. The graduating class put on skits and video and whatnot for entertainment throughout the evening; most amusing to me was learning about the TTJ status, which apparently stands for Transfered to Jesus.

Not much new in video game news this last month. Marin and I finally defeated [CENSORED] in Tales of Vesperia to finish that game; Nate and I finally gathered all the rainbows (i.e. perfected all the levels) on the primary island in PixelJunk Monsters. Nate and I also tried out Boom Blox, where I very nearly put my Wiimote through my TV for the first time (remember, kids, to Strap Your Shit). The game was good fun, but suffered from the wiimote needing to be facing the sensor bar when you let go of the A button, in order for the game to register that you actually threw your ball. This led to me adopting non-standard throwing motions, which ultimately resulted in my first case of Wii Elbow.

When you mess up your elbow playing Wii games, you mess your elbow up good.

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