Fall TV

I’ve been deep in the trenches the last couple days, hammering out a new blog design. It’s far from finished, but I have the general idea figured out—unfortunately for me, this is the first design I’ve made that will only be absolutely perfect in Firefox. Limitations in Safari (!) and Internet Explorer mean that even I won’t enjoy the full goodness of my new blog design in my preferred browser. I guess that’s a testament (however small) to how much I like the new design.

(Yes, for some reason redesigning the site has more interest from me than actually posting to the site. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is… I only do this for the lulz, anyway.)

I’ve also been watching the new season of TV, trying to figure out what’s worth following. For the record, here’s what’s in and out:

House: murder a dictator in your third episode? I’ll keep watching.

NCIS: pretty sure I’ll follow Gibbs most anywhere he goes. (Except for the new NCIS: Blatant CSI Ripoff, which doesn’t even feature Gibbs and so isn’t an exception at all. Still: eww.)

The Mentalist: Patrick Jane seems a bit more crazy this season, but Robin Tunney is still Robin Tunney.

(and now for the shows I haven’t been watching regularly)

Castle: murder-mystery author pairs up with police detective to solve crimes and be a PITA. Nathan Fillion at his finest. I’d watch it, but it airs too late for my blood (current post time notwithstanding) and I’m already watching too much TV this season. I’ll Netflix this and the previous season, when I get around to getting Netflix.

The Forgotten: Christian Slater in yet another role that is not Fred Savage’s older brother. It seems like a decent show, but doesn’t really stand out from the mass of procedural dramas out there—except for Walter, who is annoying as hell and appears to have no redeeming qualities. Add in the late hour that it airs, and I’ll pass.

Glee: the second episode wasn’t as good as the first, but the third one was a return to form (for what little form a new series has). My favorite new show of the season.

Flash Forward: the entire world—save a couple people (!)—collapses simultaneously and has a vision of their individual futures. This seems to be ABC’s response to NBC’s Heroes, and it seems pretty well-done. I’ll be curious to see if Flash Forward’s future is unavoidable (though I suspect fighting the future doesn’t make for an inspiring story if the future cannot be fought).

Community: a show whose first episode was entirely ruined by its commercials. (A half-hour show can only have so many jokes, and promoting a show apparently means airing every joke before the show itself airs.) The second and third episodes have earned more than their fair share of belly laughs from me, though, which means I’ll keep watching… on Hulu.

Everything else: as they say in the Japan in my head: passu.


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