Self-inflicted injury

This afternoon I sat down and tried reading a book for the first time in probably a year. (First time I’ve tried reading a book for fun, that it; most of the books I read these days are technical books.) Nothing challenging—Gosick, a translation of a Japanese light novel, selected precisely because it should be an easy read—except for the fact that it was challenging.

I had the damnedest time sitting down and simply reading a dumb book, because my mind would wander all over hill and dale. I’ve given myself a mild case of ADD in the six years since I graduated from college: I’m so used to doing three things at once that my ability to focus on one thing exclusively has atrophied.

That’s a drastic change from the mono-tasking person I used to be. Problem is, I’m certain I was more efficient—and proficient—at getting things done back when I focused on one thing at a time.

So, uh… Who has two thumbs and is going to be reading more books?


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