*Phoenix Down*

It took me getting sick on my week off (cry) to sit down and finally do it, but Ye Olde Blogge has been restored to its previous grandeur. (There are some new pictures in the side rotation, too… very exciting.) It turns out that WordPress is pretty OK, until you want to do something that WordPress doesn’t want to do.

My designs butted heads with WordPress in two major areas: combining page caching (to cover the 0.000000001% chance that a major site ever links here) with random side images, and monthly page navigation. Getting things set up just so took something like three full days of hacking (…hacking while sick, mind you); I’ll have to write up something about that for the search engines to find, to hopefully save others some trouble in the future.

Now to see if I actually post anything of value, since I’ve spent so much time getting this place set up again….


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