Catching up on sleep

After a period of insomnia long enough to have me questioning how fit I was to drive, I started taking GABA in the hopes that it might help me sleep. GABA hasn’t been found to cross the blood-brain barrier, which would seem to make it pretty worthless–but I’ve been sleeping better than I have in months.

I’ve also been dreaming more. A lot more.

Earlier this week, Nick and I went to a party somewhere in the university housing wilderness. Due to various blunders (mostly on Nick’s part, as I recall), we wound up arriving sometime after 1:00 am. Being horribly late was actually great for us, though, because it meant that most of the people who had come to meet Michael Jackson had already left. That’s right: I got to chat with the dead King of Pop. He seemed like a decent guy.

Last night I was involved in a Bollywood-inspired song and dance number on a picturesque bridge. I was dancing with some random cute gal, learning as I went, and doing much better than I could possibly do in real life. Even with this dream-boost to my abilities, though, the Supremes were handily upstaging me. Both Roberts and O’Connor were there, making it pretty obvious that this wasn’t canon.


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