I apologize to Brian, since he’s already read my description once via IM—I’m just too tired to come up with different imagery. You see, I’m usually thoroughly trashed by the time Friday evening comes along. This evening, out of fear for the mass of homework I have due Monday, I set my trashed brain on fire.

That’s right: I just did three hours of homework on a Friday night. You may feel sorry for me.

Barring corrections from Renee (I think I’ll deliberately avoid her this weekend, so I don’t have to face those—haha!), my 434 homework is done. I have 3/5 of probability finished as well. So it’s the rest of probability, a case study, and a “partner” project that remains in my way. That doesn’t sound as bad as the whole enchilada was sounding earlier this week. I’m still afraid I’m going to hit a brick wall on those other two problems, though. (This sounds like a job for… NyQuil!)

On Wednesday I discovered that business majors are only lazy when that doesn’t conflict with their being stupid. You see, on the first day of class (the one I missed due to snow), my professor asked the class to debate—and thus decide—whether or not we should hold a lottery to give one student a free pass on the final exam.

On Wednesday I discovered that my class elected not to do that. Idiots!

Had I been there, I would have been a vocal proponent of the raffle. I mean, 1/20 is better odds than you’ll ever get in the lottery.

In other news, I saw my first Segway on campus today. It seemed pretty out of place, and definitely attracted attention. I wondered about the practicality of it all: I doubt OSU wants those indoors, but I also doubt you want to lock it up alongside the bikes that will be stolen while their owners are in class.


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