Well, it’s a start

As you can tell, I’ve installed WordPress. It wasn’t exactly a five minute install, but it was far easier than I had feared. (Granted, it helped tremendously that I’ve already figured out things like enabling PHP extensions and .htaccess files.) WordPress itself seems to be pretty slick, and the admin interface is soooo much faster than Movable Type’s.

As I warned, the blog will be sporting the generic WP interface for the time being. There are all sorts of rough edges, I’m sure; what’s stood out to me, initially, is that inline pictures work on the front page, but not on individual pages. That’s certainly because of my old-school habit of hardcoding references to my images, rather than using the CMS’ media capabilities… ah well, I’ll get things sorted out eventually.

Life has an annoying tendency of requiring you to destroy things in the process of improving them. (I’m reminded of Evangelion’s the fate of destruction is also the joy of rebirth.) We’re just in the middle of that whole destruction/rebirth process.


3 Responses to Well, it’s a start

  1. Brent

    Commenting might even work, too! Hot damn!

  2. Level 89 Seducing Man

    I’m picturing you sitting in front of you computer, elbows on the desk, hands with all five fingertips touching in a Gendo Ikari pose, staring silently as the light from the monitor reflects off your glasses.

    And then you and everyone reading your blog bursts into puddles of goo as Instrumentality starts.

  3. GreyDuck

    Welcome to WP! And, I’ve re-added the feed to my reader. Whew.


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